​Product development technology

We use our data-driven approach by creating our own plant-based raw material discovery & development system. The data is based on our database built by analyzing animal and vegetable raw materials to the molecular level.

Using the insights created by the program, we go through various simulation and raw material development lab tests to match consumer tastes and produce our tasty and sustainable products to the market.

Data Analysis

Analysis and DB Construction of the molecular data of animal & plant-based raw materials


Data-driven raw material matching simulation

Raw Material R&D

Selection of core plant-based raw materials. 

Stability and suitability of  material  verified


Distribution and storage after quality testing.

With Product Commercialization.

​Independent Intellectual Property Rights

The PlantEat acquired intellectual property rights for the core raw materials and manufacturing processes that are currently used in all our products.

The raw materials are the key elements in creating and mass-producing our plant-based products. We are developing sustainable food technology through unique production methods and recipe mixes different from our incumbent competitors and existing markets.

New Product Development Flow Chart

We conduct market research and plan our new products with ideas both from the local and global markets.

In addition, our initial virtual food production simulation is primarily developed through data analysis, algorithm development, and computer recipe simulation. After going through the basic steps of sourcing raw materials, the laboratory researches each resource necessary for production preparation through an in-depth formulation experiment process unique to us. Tested at our custom production plant, we enter the final mass production stage where the product is made. After the mass production stage, more research is done to maintain and improve our product quality based on continuous customer feedback.

The PlantEat

Core Competencies

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