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​For the global environment

The PlantEat's Impact

By using plant-based ingredients without the use of eggs. (1 kg of Eat's Better Mayo)

You can save 3.4 trees, 22 times less water consumption, and 8.54 square centimeters of less land compared to the existing Mayo.


The raw material story

​Rich in nutrients and dietary fibers!

The Power of Domestic Korean beans

The power of Yak-kong beans

A plant-based mayo that contains the health benefits and savoriness of domestic soybeans which act as a substitute

for eggs.


Fat! No worries. Significantly low in calories, fat, and sodium compared to the ordinary mayonnaise. (22% calories, 28% fat, 41% sodium lower than the ordinary mayonnaise.)


Nutrition! Enhanced with dietary fiber by adding soybeans.

In addition, it has two times more protein and 0% cholesterol.

Eat all you want. It's still 0% cholesterol.

Contains domestically grown Yak-kong 

Key Points of Eat's Better Mayo

No Synthetic Preservative

NO Egg

Vegan Certified

Eat's Better



The raw material story

Taste and health benefits at one bite!

Crackers baked with Korean wheat

Earl Grey Cracker

Luxurious Earl Gray Cracker with fragrant black tea flavor


Yak-kong Cracker

A savory Yak-kong cracker, similar to your traditional graham cracker, savory and a good base ingredient that could be matched with any sauces of your choice.


Mugwort Cracker

Deep savory mugwort cracker comes with the perfect balance between bitter and sweet that keep people wanting more

Choco Cinnamon Cracker

​Choco cinnamon cracker with rich cocoa powder and soft cinnamon mixed and baked inside the oven

Locally produced and oven cooked!

Key Points of Eat's Better Cracker

Oven Baked

fully plant-based


Vegan Certified

Eat's Better



The raw material story

Simple and delicious

Eat's Better Minimayo

Cheongyang Soy Sauce Mayo

Refreshing mix of cheonyang spicy pepper and salty soy sauce. Good as dipping sauces for dry snacks accompanied with your favorite drink.

Chipotle Mayo

Sumptuous taste of Mexican spicy pepper chipotle on soft plain mayo. Literally good on everything!

Healthy but addictive sauces!

Mini Mayo Features



Pairs well with

 Various dishes

Vegan Certified

Eat's Better

Mini Mayo


The raw material story

The meal for you


Chestnut pumpkin

The perfect mix of sweet walnuts, cashews, and other nutritious nuts with a twist of sweet pumpkin in the side.

Black cacao

A unique mix of healthy Yakkong beans, black sesame, and cacao nibs, almonds uniting under a nutty chocolatey cereal experience! 

All your nutrition needs under one package!

<Han-Kki-Real> Features


​Nutrition content

High protein

​Dietary Fiber

Vegan Certified

Eat's Better



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