Product Development

We are conducting research to analyze food raw materials down to the molecular level and replace animal raw materials with plant properties based on the analyzed data to develop our tasty plant-based alternative food. In addition, we have developed and commercialized our Eat's Better Mayo to replace ready-made mayonnaise based on our patented Yak-kong Soybean Extract, a pure vegetable raw material substitute for

egg yolks.

Food Consumption Shifting Campaign

Looking into out future, it will be hard for us to maintain our meat-oriented eating habits considering the overall product limitation, environmental pollution, harmful effects of factory farming practices, and negative health effects. 

We are convinced that plant-based food alternatives will be the best sustainable alternative for the future of food. In this aspect, we are operating this campaign

so that people can have the chance to actually experience "real" changes

in their bodies. 

Marketing &

Sales of

Eat's Better

The Eat's Better Brand, literally, is a "better" (healthier, tastier, and more sustainable) plant-based food brand for our contemporary consumers who are struggling with nutritional imbalance. All of our products are produced in strict safe & quality-controlled production facilities and are aimed at community-based distribution and sales. We are currently working with over 30  

domestic distribution channels and partners, both online and offline.

The PlantEat

Business Areas

The PlantEat's Business Model Map with it's Expected Results:

The PlantEat

Value Chain

The PlantEat Inc. CEO: Jacob Yang 

Commercial License Number: 2019-안양동안-0317 | Company License Number: 437-87-00746

TEL : 031-337-7177 | E-mail:

Office Address: Unit 305, A Tower, 282, Hagui-ro, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

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