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Our slogan, Eat Plants, For The Planet, means to reduce the consumption of meat and eat plant-based foods for the global environment and the wellness of humankind. Excessive production and consumption of animal-based foods have not only increased carbon emissions but have also caused a global nutritional imbalance, negatively affecting people and the environment in various forms. We have chosen a way to develop plant-based foods as a solution to solve this global problem.


Excessive Meat Production

and the Global Environment

Excessive production and consumption of animal-based products have led to unethical production practices, the so-called factory farming, which have resulted in a rapid increase in carbon emissions, ending up with negative changes in the global environment. Our company strives to create a sustainable global environment through food research and  development.


Excess Meat Production &

the Global Malnutrition Problem

Excessive meat production and unhealthy eating habits have caused various health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension in developed countries, and malnutrition and hunger in underdeveloped countries. We seek to address the global nutritional imbalance by developing various foods that bring inner peace and balance, minimizing exploitation and deficiency.

The PlantEat


Eat's Better

Focused mainly on B2C

The Eat's Better Brand offers a wide variety of delicious, healthy, and sustainable plant-based, protein-forward foods to help solve the contemporary global nutritional imbalance problem.


Eat's Better Mayo

The secret to eating food with delight is the sauce. Mayonnaise, one of the representative core sauces, is made with egg yolk as the main ingredient. Still, our mayo uses healthy raw ingredients such as domestic soybeans and Yakkong to produce various healthy products which are delicious, while at the same time reduces consumers' inconvenience and guilt of eating.


Eat's Better Cracker

There is quite a lot of demand for healthy snacks and light meal substitutes, but not many are satisfactory. Eat's Better Crackers are made from domestic wheat, soybean, and other plant-based ingredients, and baked in the oven without frying to make them light to eat. It's a great snack for your family to eat, and a great alternative to eating with your favorite soy milk or other plant-based milk.

Eat's Better Mini Mayo

The mix of Sunflower oil and Basil that gives a deep taste of the plain mayo flavor. The mix of Clean and spicy Cheongyang pepper that gives a clean spicy taste of the Cheongyang soy sauce mayo. Finally, the mix of soft plain mayo and Mexican chipotle creates the spicy and sweet flavor of the Chiptole mayo. 

Three unique flavors for your every mayo needs.


Eat's Better Cereal, Han-Kki-Real

Cereal and muesli are popular meals worldwide. However, existing cereals contain a lot of sugar or fructose, which can lead to obesity. Eat's Better Cereal, Han-Ki-Real is a solution to food that can correct the nutritional imbalance, it is sugar-free, high-protein, and high-fiber fiber using domestic brown rice and sugar-free coating technology developed by The PlantEat.

Eat's Better


The PlantEat Inc. CEO: Jacob Yang 

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